The Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe is pleased to offer the following services: Passport Application, Visa Application, Birth Registration (External birth certificates) for children born to Zimbabwean Citizens outside Zimbabwe, Facilitating Repatriation of remains of deceased Zimbabwean nationals, Authentication of Zimbabwean Documents i.e. National Identity Card (ID) Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Drivers License and Educational Certificates.

For issues that fall beyond the Mission’s mandate on passports and citizenship (Restoration, Renunciation & Reinstatement), all concerned should inquire with the Registrar General’s Office on +263 242 702295-9.

Consular Services in Detail

All consular work at the Embassy should be by appointment on Or Call and make an appointment

1. Passport Application


  • Application forms, available at the embassy. Will soon be available for download on this website.
  • Originals and Photopies of:
    • Birth Certificate,
    • National ID,
    • Current Passport and copy of the details page,
    • 2 passport photos of white background and dark clothes.
  • Letter of Authorization for authorizing the person in Zimbabwe to submit and collect the passport for you. The letter should have full name and ID number of the person.
  • Service Fee: 200 SEK to be paid in CASH at the Embassy.

Note: The Embassy will certify all the photocopies.

2. Electronic Visa Application

  • This serves to advise that the Zimbabwe Government has launched an E-VISA APPLICATION AND PROCESSING PLATFORM that is accessible on Zimbabwe Electronic Visa Application or Zimbabwe Immigration . With immediate effect, applicants for Zimbabwe visas are now required to submit on-line visa applications DIRECTLY to the Department of Immigration Control in Harare, Zimbabwe, on the Website Address given above. Once the application is approved by the Department, the visitor would then receive a VISA APPROVAL LETTER through the system. This makes them eligible to approach any Zimbabwean PORT OF ENTRY.
  • The actual visa would then be physically issued at the PORT OF ENTRY upon payment of the requisite Visa Fee, with this enabling the applicant to enter Zimbabwe.
  • Citizens of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark are not required to have a visa in advance, they can get the visa stamped on their passport at the port entry upon paying the visa fee of USD $30.00 for single entry and USD $45.00 for double entry.
  • You can find out if you are required to apply for an eVisa in advance by checking your nationality on the Zim evisa Visa Regime or Zim Immigration Visa Regime.


Click here to get more information on E-Visa.

3. Temporary Travel Documents

TDD – Temporary Travel Document is a one way travel document issued incase you lost your passport or the passport has been damaged.


  • National ID, Birth or Driving license.
  • 2 passport size photos.
  • Service fee: 450 SEK.

4. Birth Registration

For children born outside Zimbabwe


  • Birth registration record must be in English.
  • Document from the tax office issued when a child is born.
  • National ID of Zimbabwean parents.
  • The service is free for children under 10 years and for children above 10 years, the service fee is 200 SEK.

5. Certification of Zimbabwean Documents

The embassy offers certification services for Zimbabwean documents only eg Zimbabwean passport, birth certificate. You are welcome to bring your documents to the embassy for certification.

6. Dual Citizenship

Zimbabwe now allows its citizens to hold Dual Nationality – that is, the right to become a citizen of a foreign country and to hold two (or more) passports. Zimbabwe has recently changed its dual nationality provisions in this regards.For more specific information about some countries where you hold citizenship, click the country name from the list below:

Under the nationality laws of some countries, a married person automatically has his or her partner’s nationality. Children may also have a parent’s nationality even if they were born abroad. If your wife, husband or child is visiting the country of your nationality, you should check with the country’s consulate or high commission in the United Kingdom before you travel.

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Covid Travel Information

In Zimbabwe, from 3 January 2020 to 5:13pm CEST, 9 May 2022, there have been 247,842 confirmed cases of COVID-19
with 5,469 deaths, reported to WHO. As of 8 May 2022, a total of 10,350,000 vaccine doses have been administered.

As of May 2022, travel restrictions have been lifted into and out of the country. You no longer need negative covid certifications to visit Zimbabwe.
However, you need to be fully vaccinated. Personnel who are not vaccinated should present negative covid
PCR tests to be admitted into the country's ports of entry


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