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As Zimbabwe’s Ambassador, it is an honor to welcome you to the website for the Embassy of the republic of Zimbabwe to Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark This website is a valuable and educational portal and I hope it will serve as a useful resource for you, as well as a virtual connection to our homeland.

The Embassy’s website is an extension of the Zimbabwean values and heritage, a portal into our rich culture, and a demonstration of our enduring alliance with the Scandinavian nations. I would like this opportunity, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe and fellow citizens, to extend to you our historic and beautiful Zimbabwe We thank each of you for taking the time to visit our online home.

Notable projects

These are some of the notable projects currently underway in Zimbabwe


Investment Opportunities

Zimbabwe is a fertile investment ground, with loads of investment opportunities in multiple sectors.
Due Diligence Guide for Investors - Click to download.

Infrastructure Development

Investment potential exist in the expansion and modernization of the existing infrastructure as well as the construction of new infrastructure such as modern highways and associated tollgates linking key cities, power generation, dam construction, water reticulation, budget hotel chains in the tourism industry etc.


Mining is the major attraction in the country with over 60 international tradeable minerals. Zimbabwe has the second highest deposits of platinum in the world. Foreign investors are free to invest in the mining value chain which includes provision of finance and technical services, exploration, extraction, logistics, beneficiation and value edition.


Zimbabwe is endowed with immense energy resources that are currently underutilized. The country’s diverse renewable and coal resources present investment opportunities in the electricity and petroleum sub-sectors. These untapped resources underpin Zimbabwe’s status as the gateway to the vast southern African Market with a huge potential for growth.


The manufacturing sector is in its nascent stage with few exploited areas whereby unprocessed agricultural commodities have dominated major exports and Zimbabwe wants to change this trend by encouraging investment in textiles, leather and food processing.


Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy and it provides vertical and horizontal linkages to other economic sectors. It is also a source of the much needed agro-based raw materials. The sector is also linked with other major sectors of the economy, as it provides the much needed agro based raw materials.


Zimbabwe is strategically positioned as the logistical hub for SADC and COMESA regions while also be integrated with the entire African continent. There is a huge opportunity for investment in establishing Health infrastructure like hospitals and clinics.


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