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Matopos national park

Idyllically located in the spectacular Matobo Hills, the renowned Matobo National Park is known for its rich human history, its remarkably diverse flora and fauna and its magnificent rugged terrain. This unspoiled natural wilderness features a range of massive red-tinged, granite boulders interspersed with gorgeous wooded valleys making it a dream destination for hikers, climbers and nature lovers alike.


Nottingham estate resort

Nottingham Estate is a privately owned citrus and eco-tourism estate on the banks of the Limpopo River close to Beit Bridge. There you will find the Nottingham Fishing Retreat a 4 star lodge at the banks of the 7km Mashilichokwe dam which offers you an amazing scenic view of nature as the water hosts a myriad of birds life, crocodiles and hippos. The dam is also popular for its prime bass and bream fishing. The retreat has seven en-suite air conditioned rooms, a dining room and a bar area with  a beautiful rock pool. There is nowhere else in the world where you can view such a majestic animal the elephant in large numbers feeding in their own habitat.The Elephants get so excited……. they roll around in the pulp. The sounds of trumpeting echoes against the rocks… it’s absolutely amazing.


Cecil john Rhodes grave

The grave of Cecil Rhodes, founder of former British colony Rhodesia, is carved into the summit of Malindidzimu