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Only 90 minutes from Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe, Imire Game Park has something to offer everyone. Imire Game Park is 38km from Harare along Mutare road. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a day or two relishing world-class food and hospitality at Imire Lodge, or spend a bit longer volunteering in Africa, hands-on with our elephants and rhino. Either experience guarantees you a wonderful time all while contributing to an important conservation cause.



From the archaeological excavations and the radio-carbon dates of charcoal remains it appears that the first walls of the settlement were built in the 13th century and were added to in the 15th century. These are of the same type as those found at Great Zimbabwe. One of the many dry-stone monuments, or madzimbahwe found in Zimbabwe. Once this stone enclosure with its thatched huts was the elite residence of a local ruler and the probable site of a traditional religious centre housing a spirit medium. Easy Access from Harare on good tar road with fine views from the summit of the hill.


Nyatana game park

Nyatana is a wildlife management area under CAMPFIRE which is approximately 75 000 hectares. Nyatana is a joint management trust project which is owned by three districts namely Mudzi, Rushinga and UMP. This project has a trans-frontier corridor through Mozambique where migrant wildlife get there passage to and from our nearby country during conducive times of the year. Nyatana is comprised of the following animal species: elephants, crocodiles, leopard, hippopotamus and other plain games. Of interest in Nyatana, there is Red Mahogany tree species, Mukwa and Baobab trees, reeds along Mazowe River made the sanctuary area being attractive to tourists.


Lake Kariba recreational PARK

Lake Kariba is among the 4 largest man – made lakes in the world and is the second largest in Africa. The shoreline is over 2000 km long, a home to numerous species of flora and fauna and is an exciting and unique safari destination. The park lies along the Zambezi River, it is a standing example of the integration between men and mature. As Kariba stands out as one place where mankind still lives in harmony with nature just like in the old days and the secret of this co – existence is that the animals have a right of way. Activities include: Game Viewing, Tiger fishing, Boat cruise, Crocodile farm tour


Mana pools national park

Manapools National Park is rated the 5th best park in Africa by Gateway magazine.It’s home to a great diversity of wildlife , it is an outstanding destination for classic safaris. Visitors drift past crocodile and hippo on a Zambezi canoe safari , while banks are lined with buffalo , elephants, hyenas and other game.The best time for wildlife viewing in Mana Pools National Park is during the Dry season, from June to October. Animals are easier to spot because the dry weather thins the bush and wildlife concentrates around the Zambezi River. Activities include: Camping, Wilderness Trail, Guided Walking, Unguided Walking


Chinhoyi Caves

The Wonder Hole , is the main feature of the caves which is in fact a “swallow hole” or a large cavern with a collapsed roof. The walls of the wonder  Hole drop vertically  down  for 150 feet tot he sleeping pool in which our adrenaline junkies normally use for Scuba Diving. The pool is unbelievably blue and crystal  clear which reflects great depth non-flowing water . The traditional name for the Caves is “Chirorodziva” which means the “Pool of the Fallen”. The name was derived from an incident which took place in the 1830s when the Angoni Tribe, who were moving northwards surprised people living near the Caves and flung them into the pool.